Refurbished Alloys

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Refurbished Alloys

Postby attila » Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:35 pm

Having had the nearside alloys badly scuffed, chipped and scraped after a campervan decided not to use the passing place he was approaching and forced me into going slightle agricultural whereapon I found the remains of a drystane dyke hidden in the grass. :twisted: :twisted:
Last week I decided that since they needed work I might as well have the finish changed at the same time. I took them along to The Wheel Specialist Edinburgh. They were very helpful and even brought out sample wheels and finishes to put against the car to see the effect. Anyhoo long story short "I" am very please ith the finish. They even gave me a wee tour around the various booths to see how the work was done. Anyone looking to have wheels done should pay them a visit. They give 10% discount to MX5 Club members.
link to web sire:- ... edinburgh/
Here are a couple of pics of the worst wheel before and after.
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