1000 miles in an ND 1.5

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1000 miles in an ND 1.5

Postby IanH » Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:52 pm

Over 6 days we covered 1050 miles in the ND, total on the car is now about 1400.

The ground we covered is represented by this map link, not an exact route an illustration of the ground covered; http://binged.it/1GcUqgz

Handling - Out of the box it's really really good, very neutral without noticeable over or understeer in spirited driving, undeniably there is more roll than on the NC though you don't really notice it from behind the wheel.

Suspension - Good, the wheels stay precisely where placed, we have though on two occasions on rough single track roads managed to ground something toward the rear of the car, will have it on a ramp later this week so able to see specifically what, exhaust box is a suspect.

Engine - Completed running in whilst away, it's a peach :D can potter about quite well lower in the rev range at respectable speeds, if you want to get up an go drop a gear or two and it's a pocket rocket... :lol: Ran in convoy with two NC's yesterday, up a longer incline you need to work a little harder than the NC to maintain momentum, the car revels with this kind of treatment. Overall on this trip we averaged over 45 mpg... no complaints there!

Gearbox - Is sweet, changes 1 - 6 are so smooth, precise and easy, have found reverse a little notchy though sometimes.

Comfort - Over 6 days averaging 175 miles a day the seats were very comfortable, no noticeable after effects, SWMBO tested the seat heaters and found them up to her standards.. :)

Practicality - We managed to take the same amount of luggage in the ND as we would have in the NC, the boot was filled though, no room for much in the way of discretionary purchases whilst away, maybe not a bad thing... :lol:

Toys - The Bose is excellent out of the box, on my first NC I changed the speakers to Clearwaters as the OEM were poor, this is close in terms of output, bass punchiness etc. The DAB radio was pretty crap until we got nearer home and more populated places, not sure if this is indicative of the car or the DAB system coverage itself. FM, AUX, CD etc all worked well. The Jury is out on the Sat Nav, I think I need to spend more time learning how to operate it properly (or RTFM...). There's a fuel economy app where you can see in real time how the car is doing and with a historical time trace, this is quite funky. Keyless entry works well, not much to say about that. I find the Auto Wipers a bit hit and miss, sometimes too sensitive, in really heavy downpours sometimes not fast enough, generally they are OK overall, you do need to take control back yourself sometimes though. Lights are superb, the steer around corners and auto dip work really well, illumination from the LED's is excellent, they look good too!

Overall - Still thoroughly delighted with the package, definitely the best of the 4 MX-5's I have owned :D

Here's the car at Kyle of Tongue, beautiful even on a wet and windy day and situated on some great driving roads.


Heading up the Bealach


Another view of the Beach, typical weather :D

Here we are in Glen Etive, where the Lieberman Ignition ND review was filmed, still one of the best car reviews I have seen, link here if you haven't seen it; https://youtu.be/gDLKwTdurxg


Also in Glen Etive, well worth a visit.


Beside another famous landmark.

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Re: 1000 miles in an ND 1.5

Postby OldSpice » Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:02 am

ND4 in it's element Ian. Lovely photos.

(Registration plate nearly sent me to sleep though!) :lol:
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Re: 1000 miles in an ND 1.5

Postby bmv6197 » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:10 am

Great pictures and nice summary of the car. Still want one badly!

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