Content for Mazda's Zoom Zoom Magazine - Urgent

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Content for Mazda's Zoom Zoom Magazine - Urgent

Postby iainf » Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:46 am

We have been approached by Mazda to contribute to their ownership magazine “Zoom Zoom", which is distributed globally in various languages and formats.They are building a series of stories about the MX-5 and they are looking for short stories from Owners about what it is that makes ownership of the car so unique, fun and a pleasure. These are set to feature in the European

They have asked if we might be able to seek short contributions from our members to go into the magazine and they are particularly looking for things like the trip holiday of a lifetime in an MX-5, the story of a rare find, and anything that underpins what it means to own and live with an MX-5

Deadline is desperately short as international production deadlines have just been moved - they have asked for input in just a few days time by the 1st of December

Each piece only needs to be 150-200 words which is less words than this email and if there is a photograph that can accompany that’s brilliant.

Submissions, be sent back to iain.fleming[at], (change the at)

I’ll be collating and sending them all over to the Editor on the 2nd December so if things could be sent this weekend and if people could remember to send contact details with the stories that would be great.
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