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Oil gauge

Postby Ken_McL » Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:47 am

I have read on the forum in the past that the oil gauge isn't really worthwhile as it doesn't tell you anything so I have really not bothered with it until this week.

Up until now the gauge has been pretty good at fluctuating between the low and the high depending on how hard or soft I might be driving the car :).

However, yesterday I noticed that the gauge is now almost permanently reading between 2 & 4 marks from the high.

The car had its 1st outing in over 3 weeks yesterday.

Should I be worried and get it to the garage?

Advice always welcome


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Re: Oil gauge

Postby IanH » Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:25 pm


Generally as you have read the OPG on the MK3/3.5 MX-5 is really a cosmetic thing, you should treat it as part of the In Car Entertainment system rather than any real read out of oil pressure. As I understand it the reading comes from a linear (On/Off) Oil Pressure Switch combined with a signal from the ECU rather than an Oil Pressure Transducer. Basically as long as it is registering something you shouldn't worry, as usual regular checks of the dip stick should not be ignored.

More information here;


For your particular issue it sounds a little odd, how is the oil level when dipped?

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