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European trip 2015

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:51 pm
by tjay
Here are some photos taken whilst on the trip with others doing the "Race for Freedom " in aid of services charities, we jointly raised over £15000 !! not to shabby for 11 cars on the trip.

Was a fantastic rip where I met and made many new friends, there was a few problems en route, the Honda Civic Type R hade to keep getting management light

reset, Colin's Mx5 Died (big ends went) in a place aptly called Die, / Norman had problems with his RS 2000 its oil filler cap kept blowing off, Paul and Nicole got rammed of the road whilst travelling on motorway to Ferrara in Italy and were very lucky not to be seriously injured, their MGB GT ( not long fully restored) was written off but they joined us a day later in a hire car provided by their breakdown company, Jan ended up in hospital in Monaco with Pneumonia.
Everyone pulled together and despite what was happening around us we all had a truly fantastic trip.
Roll on next years as it is going to take on a lot of great British roads next August