MP3 player - my first mod!

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MP3 player - my first mod!

Postby rossp » Sat Oct 16, 2004 4:35 pm

Well, instead of a day of DIY (painting, putting up lining paper etc) I decided that since SWMBO is off to NY with work, a far better idea was to drop by a bodyshop to take a look at the couple of rust bubbles on the sills and have a crack at installing my MP3 player in the car.

Get quoted ?175 to sort out small bubbles on both sills and a little under paint rust on one front wong - which seems pretty reasonable to me. the guy was working on a Skyline when I went along - so if someone trusts that to him I'm guessing should be fine with the Mazda. As I left he did say "great little cars them - not much good for me though" - he was about 6' 5"!

Anyway, after crawling round the Edinb bypass, thought I'd have a look at the MP3 player - it's a iRiver 20Gb hard disk jobbie. Turned out to be very simple: took out the stereo, found a couple of RCA inputs, put a lead from the headphone jack into them - bingo! Then routed the cable under the centre console, lined the ashtray with bubble wrap :shock: to protect the player from any bumps / sctratches (I don't smoke! ) and bob's your uncle. Now all I need to do is plug the headphone cable in and I'm away.

Anything I need to be aware of using these inputs into the head unit? They seem to be post volume control on the HU as I need to use the MP3 player volume - but it sounds not bad at all. How about the potential for damaging the player with bumps / vibrations to the hard disk - anyone got any experience of that?

So pleased I had to go for a run - took a trip to Knockhill and had a nosey at some Legends and a Lotus Exige playing.

That's how to spend a Saturday when the wife's away. Takeaway curry and some beers tonight and I can tell you - Simon Cowell and X-factor will not be on in this house!! :D
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Postby RichardB » Tue Oct 19, 2004 1:24 pm

That sounds quality - take it its an iHP120 you have? I've got one of them too and definitely fancy having the same setup in my car.

Think I'll be upgrading the 5 next year so will wait till then (the stereo I've got ain't the best either), but its good to know it can be done so easily. Quite fancy trying out the old optical out socket on the mp3 player, though not sure how many (if any) car stereos have an optical input on 'em.
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Postby Si » Tue Oct 19, 2004 9:41 pm

The iRiver certainly looks like an excellent bit of kit! No personal experience, but a friend at work did lend me one for a few hours ......... my sister has an iPod and it's rubbish in comparison.

I can't even justify a 128Mb MP3 player as I never really listen to music outside of the house or car. Pinoeer MP3 CD player in the car, and Denon hi-fi in the house :)

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