Bluetooth/USB in Mk2.5

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Bluetooth/USB in Mk2.5

Postby paulfhome » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:08 pm

Looking to add some functionality to our latest Mk2.5(Arctic). With the previous car we swapped out the factory head unit for a single din JVC unit with Bluetooth and MP3 via USB. This time round we want to keep the interior looking as original as possible so I'm looking at fitting an audiolink ... I0QAvD_BwE or dension ... ptormodule via the cd changer input. The Dension looks to have both Bluetooth and USB but the downside seems to be a less user friendly folder system, whilst with the audolink it looks like either USB or Bluetooth but not both. Does anyone have experience and or views on either of these, or do you know of any other options? (Not those cheap yellow units on ebay that have a host of bad reviews for reliability)

Thanks in advance for your input guys
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