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Postby skinnydoug » Fri Aug 15, 2008 5:24 pm

Well team, thanks for the help. I changed the hub today in under an hour. Simple really.

I love it when I find guides online with pictures showing what to expect so today I made my own.

Here's a wee guide:

Jacking the car up, I have discovered its easy to drive the car onto some planks to get the front high enough to hoik a trolley jack under the front subframe.

Then loosen the wheelnuts and jack the car up.

Take the wheelnuts and the wheel off:

Here's the nice new shiny hub assembly:

Remove the hub nut cover. I used an old, retired wood chisel which I hammered in to get it started, then a dirty big screwdriver to lever it off.

The hub nut has a dent in to stop it coming undone:

With gratuitous use of a bench grinder I made myself a square drift to hammer into the channel to undo the dent.

After undoing the dent, I took the centre cap out of the wheel and then put the wheel back on to the hub so I could apply several gruntsworth of torque to undo the nut safely.

I took the wheel off again then removed the whole caliper and plopped it over on the lower wishbone where it was quite happy to sit quietly. This lets you take the brake disc off.

After that is just a matter of undoing the hub nut and the hub comes free. I forgot to take a pic of the stub axle, but I made an effort to clean it up nice ready for the new bearings.

Here's a pic of shiny new vs dirty old. Note that the new assembly from MX5Parts came with a new nut. Eagle eyed readers will be able to tell that the new nut is 27mm whereas the old nut is 29mm.

Another new vs old:

I lovingly torqued up the new nut to FT (~150lbs) and smacked a dent into it to stop it coming undone:

"Reassembly is the reverse of removal". Remember to re fit the hub nut cap and centre cap for the wheel.

Don't try to lower the car without using the blocks under the wheels, the jack is too fat to be removed from under the car without them. :oops:

I took the car for a drive, its much quieter now. Hurrah!

Then I cleaned up the old hub a bit just to see what it was like. Any opinions on whether the bearing is easily pressable?

Kind regards,
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