Wheel Alignment Setttings...Mk-1, Mk-2/2.5, Mk-3

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Wheel Alignment Setttings...Mk-1, Mk-2/2.5, Mk-3

Postby DouglasH » Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:37 am

Mk-1 & Mk-2/2.5 Alignment figures
Standard Mazda settings for mk2 are right at the end in a file, all the others "lanny" and Miq Millmans have links.

Mk3 Alignment Figures
http://forum.miata.net/vb/attachment.ph ... 3791&stc=1
These settings are good for both standard and lowered cars, as long as car height measurements are taken front and back, then matched with appropriate settings in the doc.
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