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Postby IanH » Mon Jul 25, 2005 10:50 pm

Douglas, thanks very much for the input, your points are well taken.

It makes sense to wait a few more days and see if we pick up some more interest from around the country (or even further afield) before attempting to formalise anything.

I would be happy to meet any 5 owners/drivers no matter where they are from, it's about the car after all isn't it.

That said, we have a few expressions for an impromptu meet one evening in Huntly which suits a few, maybe go for that one evening next week anyway as it's in the spirit of what we're aiming for here. Nothing to stop further runs or meets, the response to this thread strongly suggests a level of interest.

I'll drop Doris Tulley a line on this thread so she can take a look at what we're talking about if she chooses, obviously any approach about formalising an AC or changing boundaries will have to go through her.

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