If this is a true story, it's a belter . . . . .

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If this is a true story, it's a belter . . . . .

Postby hubba64 » Thu May 10, 2007 4:00 pm

The Glasgow train from Queen St to Bishopbriggs was very busy. At the next stop a midget got on, an actual, proper wee dwarf midget with a Victoria Wines carry-oot bag.

It was quite busy on the train, there was no room for his bag on the seat beside him, he was looking up at the overhead rack.

A good Samaritan was kind enough to say "would you like me to put that up for you mate"

"Yes please" he said, and it was done.

But it wasn't up right and when the train moved, a bottle of vodka fell out the bag and smashes on the floor.

The midget stands up, his face red with rage, the inspector comes along to see what's going on.

The inspector asked if it was his bag,The midget says "aye...and ah'm no happy !!.

A voice from the back of the carriage shouts out " Well . . . . . . . which one are you then ?"

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