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Mx 5

Postby jockmazza » Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:18 am

Another option is the Eunos Roadster, which is a Mark 1 mx-5 with extras like power steering, air con, bootlid rear brake light.

The Eunos has an odometer in Kilometers travelled and not miles travelled.

I have had 2 Eunos (Both Automatics) and I am still having loads of fun. No trouble keeping up with Manual gearbox mx-5s.

The Eunos was an early mark 1 and so has 120BHP compared to later 1.6 Mx-5s which were de-tuned to make a more noticeable difference between it and the 1.8 engined mx-5.

Eunos insurance is generally slightly higher, but very good conditioned cars can be had since the Japanese Climate is not so harsh as ours can be (don't quote me on that, I can feel a flood of replies saying it is).

I bought my second Eunos off ebay but I would not recommend that route as a first timer.

If you can get one of the Central Scotland MX-5 club members to go with you, that would be a good option.

I live way up north.

Hope you get sorted and if you have any questions, ask.
I love my MX5s!
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