New user with mk2.5 supreme blue 1.8 sport

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New user with mk2.5 supreme blue 1.8 sport

Postby bradleyw » Wed Nov 25, 2015 12:57 am

Hi all! Just thought I'd do the friendly thing and give an intro as I've stuck a post up in the garages area looking for your help. Been enjoying her as my first car after buying from my parents (£4.5k trade in on 30k miles was ridiculous so nabbed it off them). Now has done 65k miles 6 years later.

Love it to bits. Managed to get a 2nd hand silver hard top for winter which looks pretty smart with the silver original alloys. Added a rear genuine rack for taking it on adventures further afield. Dad had already fitted chrome wire grille. No performance mods to date but interested to hear which ones have the most impact!?

Cheers all!
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