New Mk1 From Aberdeen

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New Mk1 From Aberdeen

Postby goordy » Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:00 pm

Hi All,

I recently bought a 1.8 1998 Mk1 with 52K miles with the plan to turn it into a track car. About a month on and I have replaced a binding front caliper, fitted coilys in place of a broken spring and a Roll bar so pretty much ready to start some track days at Knockhill. I would be interested in any views on trackdays with an open diff but will look around the forum as its probably already been covered. I was spectating at Doune hillclimb yesterday and was impressed by the number of MX5's in attendance (is there a reason the vast majority were rocking hardtops?). So once used to the car im thinking hillclimbs/Sprints may be fun. Anyway here is afew pics from Sat when I got the coilovers and rollover bar fitted (still need to set up the ride height). Hopefully see some of you guys around at knocky or sprints.



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Re: New Mk1 From Aberdeen

Postby gm » Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:44 pm

It might be a bit short notice but I'm heading to knockhill tomorrow evening for a track night, their website shows 'limited places available, call to book' so you might get a spot. There's usually a few mx5s, I'll be there in my mk1, booting it through the twisty section then moving out of the way on the straights as pretty much everything powers past :) there'll be folk there with cars worth 10, even 20 times what mine is but I doubt they will be having any more fun !

Your 1.8 mk1 looks like a good base for a track focused car, it will have the extra bracing the early 1.6s didn't get, bigger brakes and no aircon to weigh it down. the open diff will be ok, a Torsen if you can find one will bolt straight on and does make a difference but for now, I'd get the ride height sorted, take it for a good alignment and book some track time - see what the car is capable of and where to allocate your budget accordingly.
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Re: New Mk1 From Aberdeen

Postby drumtochty » Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:46 pm

Did you completly replace the brake fluid on the whole car or did you only bleed the wheel where the caliper was changed.
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Re: New Mk1 From Aberdeen

Postby goordy » Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:20 pm

thanks gm, hopefully it should be good fun. I have done some track days previously in my old cars a 200sx and clio cup. I won't be able to make tomorrow as is a bit tight and i havea horrible squeaking from a coilover to diagnose but hoping for the track Scotland one next week if it's not sold out.

drumtochty, I have only managed to bleed the one corner so far with 4.1 racing fluid. having trouble with seized nipples... I have some plus gas on the way which I'm hoping might let me get them off so I can replace them at least.
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Re: New Mk1 From Aberdeen

Postby crayons » Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:57 pm

I'll be heading down for my first race in the Scottish mx5 championship on Sunday May 3rd. Pretty basic set up gaz coilovers and yellow stuff brake pads + required safety equipment at the moment. Will do a bit of engine work through the season. Should be good through the corners but will need to watch my mirrors on the straights.
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