Yet another new user from Glasgow

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Yet another new user from Glasgow

Postby stumex » Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:36 pm


I currently own a Volvo C70 convertible and looking to buy an MX-5. My budget may stretch to a Mk 2, however I was wondering which was the preferred Mk for all of us who prefer the sporty drive.

Any advice would be helpful

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Re: Yet another new user from Glasgow

Postby OldSpice » Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:02 am

Thats the problem. We all promote the one ( or ones!) we have in our own minds as the preferred choice. It's what I call the "Food & Wine" question....personal taste and sometimes in-use practicalities. I have both a Mk2.5 Sport, and a 94 Mk1for many years. For me, the Mk1 is the reason to own an Mx5 hands down. The Sport is more competent on many levels and our preferred choice for longer hauls, but it's actually too refined for me and waters down the Colin Chapman concept. It's an epic long distance eater too, and I can hustle it through the twisties with contempt.The later interiors are a nice place to be (almost Audi-esque in quality) whereas the Mk1 feels like an Airfix reject in comparison but who cares?The Mk1, in my personal opinion, will always be the more viscerally rewarding fun-drive...and I get into it over the Sport first when I have the choice. You can drive Mk2/Mk2.5s very briskly indeed, and they are really rewarding for sure but you "wear" a Mk1 if it's set up properly...much more talkative and seat of the pants. A good Mk1 becomes an extension to your brain, arms, and legs when pressing on. You can run a Mk1 if you get a good one for pocket money and they are far easier to "make your own" Just buy any 5 on condition...engine size is pretty irrelevant now. Condition is all. If you really want to drive the worlds most successful ever sports car at weekends or just for fun, it simply is a no brainer for me. Mk1s are the real petrol-head enthusiasts choice in my personal view and good rot free ones are now rising slightly in values.Just be prepared to keep on top of it, and to be blunt never lose sight of the fact they are all old potential rot boxes. Body & chassis first Stuart, oily bits second and you'll be fine. To give you and example, my Mk1 has a lovely tight "new" 1840cc engine to see it through it's next 220,000 kilometers for £150.00! You are welcome to come to Falkirk if you wish and I'll give you a short demo in both.
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