Hello from Germany

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Hello from Germany

Postby Tili » Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:58 am

I´m driving MX5 since 2004 – in the first 3 years it was an NBFL and now an NC.
(http://www.tili1912.de/mein-erster-mx-5/ / http://www.tili1912.de/mein-mx-5/)

It´s easy to tell, why I´m registrating me in this forum: My wife and I are huge Scotland- (and Whisky- :wink: ) fans and visits Scotland each year since 2007 – so it is the 8th time in this June – of course with my MX5 :D

So two (maybe three :mrgreen: ) passions come together in this platform. :D

So, I want to start directly with a question:
You can see our route in the attachment – are there any events on our runs we could take part? We would like to meet and talk to like-minded :o)


PS: And please excuse my English. Writing is much harder than talking. ;-)

PPS: By the way – I took much of photos from “your” home. If you are interested – here they are >> http://www.tili1912.de/schottland/ (2009 is with the the MX5 as well :D )
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Re: Hello from Germany

Postby petrov » Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:05 am

welcome Tili

Nice pics of your cars ! Great route you have picked for your holidays too !

Enjoy our beautiful country
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