Thank you mx-5 scotland........

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Thank you mx-5 scotland........

Postby dutchmx5 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:41 pm

As I posted before , we made a trip through Scotland. 3000km's in 10 driving day's. I think 80 % top down!!! I saw a lot of mx-5s but i'm very disappointed in the Scottish drivers.........( :wink: ) The only day i'hve seen them drive open was the day I made a run with Tom&Jen, Alexander and Alice.......They showed us a beautiful part of Sc. in one day! Respect to Alice specialy, she has not been for 1 second out of my mirror, and I thought whe where going fast!!!
What a warm welkom to your beautifull and various country. Some people told me how nice your country should be when there should be a roof on it but I think it's ok like it is!!
We also stayed at a B&B of forummember Dusson (Chris and Sandra) near Jedburg. They own a B&B (5*****) that whe will advise you all, when your'e visiting the borders! It is the best of 6 b&b's we visited in 10 days.
We have seen a lot of nice places and met kindly, helpfull nice people. We have eaten the most , for us, strange things at breackfast and enjoyd a lot of guinnes and whiskeys. Grown 3 kg's in 2 weeks and a lot of good impressions later we are back in a rainy Holland........ Thank you Scotland!
NO whe did NOT see him.......................
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