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Motorworld Glasgow

Postby Ronmac » Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:11 pm

Above and beyond help to me to day.

Dipped headlight failure, so bought two new Brights (ring Halogen) for £19.00

Chatting with owner about my recently aquired Merlot,as a project while I undergo cancer treatment, when he appeaed with screwdrivers an dWD 40n underarm.

Pop them up he said.....

30 mins later 2 bright new bulbs fitted.

He took two screws out, pulling sprung headlamp enough to swap bulbs.

I started to disengage head light relay, to stop pop ups all the time, great forum trick, he took over that as well, laughing at how we knew to do that,,he didn't! Neat Trick!

Charge? £19.00 Refused to take money. Glasgow Barras .. real Glasgow.

So my payment £10 to Maggies, and me telling us about him.

Nice well stocked shop....has contacts to mechanics and electricians, can order anything..just ask him.

Just loved the Mazda!

New Motoring World
227 London Road
G40 1PE

0141-552 8719

Merlot 96
Motor World
227 London Road
(The Barras)
MERLOT '96 Vintage

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