Recommended garage in Thornwood, Glasgow

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Recommended garage in Thornwood, Glasgow

Postby ronniewolff » Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:13 pm

I've got some good advice from users of this website so I'm going to give something back. I would not hesistate in recommending the following garage in Thornwood (just west of Partick in Glasgow):

Crathie Motors, 30 Crathie Drive | 0141 337 3330

It's a small operation so you never get your car seen to immediately unless it's a matter of urgency, but when the owner John and his team do get to work they do so with skill and speediness. No unnecessary recommendations of work to be carried out, no mincing of words; just honest and quality service.

I guess they're like a lot of small garages - most of the cars they work on are bland tripe and they like to get their hands on something exceptional as often as possible.

I went in to ask about an inspection of my brakes a week ago and saw they were swamped with work while having to cope with major roadworks in the narrow street outside. I suggested to John that, if he preferred, I would take my custom elsewhere, somewhere like Kwik-Fit. Bug-eyed, covered in grease and clearly in need of a cup of tea, he replied: "Kwik-Fit? I wouldnae go there wi' a pram."

Oh, and they're cheap to boot.
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Re: Recommended garage in Thornwood, Glasgow

Postby Ronmac » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:57 pm


I visited him, Craithie Motors, today re power steering pipe replacement.

Quoted £50-60 labour cash in hand.

Ok, so he is still around, (last post on Craithie Motors 2008), and seems reasonable cost for labour.

Just need parts.

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