Llandow with Mazda on Track

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Llandow with Mazda on Track

Postby kevham » Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:33 pm

I had an epic weekend at Llandow in south Wales with Mazda on Track (MoT), a new startup company specializing in trackdays for mazdas.

It was a cracking event, well run with unlimited tracktime. Track etiquette and driving standard was excellent - not a single incident all day despite some serious drift hoonery (not me I hasten to add!) :lol:

I've written a report on my blog and MoT filmed a nice promo which I make a very brief appearance in. See if you can spot me! :lol:

Lets hope they do some events 'oop north'! :D
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Postby Si » Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:10 pm

A Hoonday at Curborough? :shock: I wouldn't have thought that was the best track to explore the limits of your car. I've seen some pretty bad suspension damage when cars have come off there. They'd be better at an airfield .........

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Postby NickD » Sun Jul 06, 2008 9:34 pm

Evening all, it took me as long to get here as Kevin's trip back from Llandow.

Si, I understand your comments, however, contrary to what you might think, Curborough is a quite a safe track if you apply some basic safety procedures. We take safety very seriously while at the same time do not want to be overly controlling on how people drive. We don't use the lower section of the track which is the high speed danger area, in which case speeds are kept relatively low, meaning second gear all the way apart from a very brief spell in third on the main straight.
We teach both welcome to track, which is about track craft, which is about lines, braking points and not over cooking it. And now also what have now become known as Hoondays which are about driving the track and learning those little things that happen when you do over cook it and that you don't want to be happening on the road where the consequences of getting it wrong are dire. Again in this we take safety seriously and we don't allow stupid or dangerous There is lots of racing comments about "running out of talent" etc, but we are not racing and you don't get to learn that "talent" if you don't get to practice, so it is very much about being able to get it wrong in the right place. Sure we have had people on the grass including myself, however to thins date the only damage we have had is some grass in the tyres, a stone behind a brake shield because we don't allow it to be got wrong in the wrong place. We do very much care about the people and their cars.

Hoondays are about safe fun. As our website says, if we feel you are out driving yourself we will slow you down.
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