Monday Monday...

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Monday Monday...

Postby -- » Mon Dec 04, 2006 7:05 pm

Was'nt singing to the Mamas n Papas either on the A74 this morning :evil:
I don't do stuff by half..not one puncture,..try in a wunner. Ran over a thin board with a host of thin nails sticking up on the motorway, middle lane with stuff either side of course, and...pop pop :shock: Fortunately, got piggybacked (gently) to Larkhall , the tyres were all well repaired ( neeedle perforations away from sidewalls....just as well :cry: ( New Toyo's) And to think I "survived" ny 1st Run on Sunday...ironic.
The only bonus was I popped into see Colin Eathorne!

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