Trackday at Teeside Autodrome

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Trackday at Teeside Autodrome

Postby DouglasH » Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:08 pm

Mail from Steve Farrand Peaks & Pennines Area, who are organising a joint event with Tyne Tees...


Paul Sheard has agreed to host a track day for us on 2nd May (the day after May Day Bank Holiday, so rounding off an extra long weekend for the cost of a single day off). Here's what's on offer:
- Teeside Autodrome Circuit available to MX5 Owners only for the full day
- Drift exhibition during lunchtime with option to "have a go"
- "Hot-laps" with Paul Sheard - ?15 for three laps
- Up to 30 people, with a lower limit of 20
- Professional tuition from Paul Sheard plus three others
- Telemetry & Timing kit available for timed laps
- Maximum number of cars on track at any one time is 10
- Three engraved "Merit Trophies" to be awarded on the day!
- Helmets and overalls can be provided, if needed
- Mazdaspeed track-day car (subject to availability)
- Drive a Max5 car (subject to Max5 race dates) - ?25 for 15mins

If we get 20 takers then the cost will be ?75 each for the day. 30 takers and its down to ?50 for the day. A great value day out.
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