Clutch Replacement Mk-2.5 Re Judder Problem.

List of known discount for club members. If you have organised a deal for club members, please let us know.

Clutch Replacement Mk-2.5 Re Judder Problem.

Postby DouglasH » Tue Jun 13, 2006 12:16 am

One of our members:- Graham Bell, has on our behalf arranged a deal for clutch replacement, with Arnold Clark's in Armadale, (Citroen) Graham has worked there for many years as a mechanic and now as a supervisor, he will personally oversee any clutches being fitted for our members, the cost is £400.00 inc vat for fitting a Mazda parts Clutch only, you could negotiate a deal for the flywheel if felt needed. Either PM Graham or call the garage and ask for him, tel no 01501 730259.
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