Seen any nice 5s out on your travels? Tell us about them here....


Postby PaulDS » Sat Jul 30, 2005 11:02 pm

Was in Aberdeen today looking at a car for my daughter and and in the back of Bruce Motors was this neglected 1.6 white mk1, 100k mileage, split rear plastic window, standard spec for ?3k. How sad :( With a little money and lots of attention, it could be a lovely car.
Also spotted lots of 5's around 2pm heading to and from city centre. Silver Mk1 heading west through Bucksburn heading to police station caught my eye, 4 or 5 Mk2's too.
I saw, or more appropriately heard, a black/very dark grey Mk2 pass the Shell garage on the Inverurie road while I was in for fuel, it had twin exhausts and sounded fabulous, took off like a rocket too. Would like to see that car closer. 8)
Didn't wave cos I was in a Micra :oops:
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