Manly Spoiler in Dunkeld

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Manly Spoiler in Dunkeld

Postby R-head » Sun Oct 28, 2007 4:59 pm

Drove thru Dunkeld this afternoon, there was an 03 plate black 5 there which was in possesion of a very manly spoiler on the boot!

I also bumped into a man & his wife in the woods just outside Dunkeld ......... well a car park. He's looking for 5 at the moment to replace his spitfire (too much rust). Sounds like he had his hands full at the moment, his wife said he has 5 motorbikes, the spitfire and an Austin 7: hope I'm that active when I'm 80!!!

Anyway I managed to give him on of the OC club cards (first one given away for me) and said he could do a lot worse than having a nosey around on the forums. I must write the Scottish web address on them as well!
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