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Next Events
Central - 22nd Jan 2017
Sunday Pub Lunch, Cumnock

No future events found

Grampian - 8th Feb 2017
February Pub Meet

Highland - 19th Feb 2017
Karting at Lhanbryde

Past Events
Central - 11th Dec 2016
Christmas Lunch

Tayside - 7th Jan 2017
2017 Run Planning

Grampian - 15th Jan 2017
Foosty Turkey 2017

Highland - 14th Jan 2017
Hi-5's Go Bowling

MX-5 Scotland Home
Welcome to MX5Scotland.  Here you will find information about future and past events organised by the Central and North Scotland regions of the UK MX-5 Owners Club.

Please visit our forum and feel free to register if you have any questions about the car, want to ask about events, or just have a chat with fellow enthusiasts in Scotland.

Central Scotland
Area Co-ordinators
Drew Ness/Raymond Collett
Future Events / Previous Events

22 Jan  Sunday Pub Lunch, Cumnock
11 Feb  MX-5 RF Preview Event
26 Feb  Sunday Pub Lunch, Burntisland
19 Mar  Was The Fish & Chip Run
06 Apr  Pub Night
Area Co-ordinators
Mel & Larry Isabella
Future Events / Previous Events

[ no events listed ]
Area Co-ordinators
Ian Hindmarsh/Stuart Duncan
Future Events / Previous Events

08 Feb  February Pub Meet
16 Feb  Meet the RF
18 Feb  Bowling for Soup
08 Mar  March Pub Meet
25 Mar  2017 Light Tech Day
Highland & Moray
Area Co-ordinators
Gillian & Charles Sinclair
Future Events / Previous Events

19 Feb  Karting at Lhanbryde
24 Feb  Meet the RF
12 Mar  Bob's Run
01 Apr  Ali's Adventures the Sequel
09 Apr  North West do NC500

Latest News
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2015 MX-5 and past models
MX-5 Mk4 Review
2017 Mk4 RF
Latest Comments
21 Jan 17 - Sunday Pub Lunch, Cumnock (Central)
Glenys & David : Due to the icy weather forecast for tomorrow we will not be attending - hope to see you all soon
21 Jan 17 - Karting at Lhanbryde (Highland)
Maureen & Richard : Richard and I will be there. Both karting. Can't wait x
21 Jan 17 - Sundowner Run (Highland)
Charles & Gillian : We will be on this run. Lots to live up to Jane & Jon - no pressure.
21 Jan 17 - North West do NC500 (Highland)
Jim & Emma : we'll be on this one too
21 Jan 17 - Bob's Run (Highland)
Jim&Emma : Me and Emma will definitely come along!


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